2021-02-22 18:23:43

Renewed BMW X6 will have two big screens

Edition Motor1 was able to get spy photos of the updated X6.

The new pictures show the interior of the model. The saloon will get a much-improved interior with two large screens.

The pictures show a digital dashboard, and there is another infotainment system sensor on its right side. On it, you will be able to control the car's central systems, such as the climate system. The number of analog buttons with physical switches will be minimal. In the photo also you can discern a smaller electric transmission selector.

The appearance of the restyled BMW X6 shows that they check components with the old body while on the test car. With the updates, the crossover will get different shaped optics with interior graphics and an improved grille. The premiere of the updated BMW X6 is expected in 2022.