2019-07-03 16:29:37

New BMW X6 officially debuted

BMW officially presented the third generation of the BMW X6 coupe-cross. 

Publicly, the novelty will be declassified in Frankfurt this September.

For European sales, the car prepare for the end of 2019. The auto assembly will be in Spartanburg, USA.

The cross is made based on CLAR, which allows introducing active anti-roll bars with a fully-controlled base into the car. Another car will get the front air suspension and rear axle. You can also embed an Off-Road package with four parameters.

Each setting changes the functioning algorithms of the gearbox, all-wheel-drive systems, responses to the accelerator, and the system taught us to choose the most optimal ground clearance additionally.

The novelty is 4.935 m long, 2.004 m wide, 1.696 m high, and the wheelbase 2.975 m. The new radiator is massive, radiating through the dark. Trunk reached 580 l.

The car has a digital tidy of 12.3 inches, a huge sensor, and wireless charging. The driver of the vehicle gets to the aid of a smart assistant who works like Siri in the iPhone.

The engines of the novelty consist of a 3.0-liter diesel engine with six cylinders for 265 or 400 hp. and a 3.0-liter gasoline 340-horsepower engine. The most active X6 got a 4.4-liter petrol V8 with two turbines with a power of 530 "horses" and 750 Nm.