2019-05-06 18:26:16

New BMW 8-Series receives official debut date

BMW will completely declassify the 4-door version of the newest 8-Series named Gran Coupe at the end of next month in Munich.

Sales of a novelty in Europe will be starting from this September. In addition to this information, the Bavarians show the first teaser. The design of a car will copy the same name Coupe. The car will provide an increased base of wheels, rims and large changes in the cabin.

The 4-door will be driven by a 4.4-liter petrol turbocharged V8 unit for 530 'horses.' With a similar engine, the Coupe will dial a 'hundred' in 3.7 seconds. In theory, customers will still get a performance car with a 3.3-liter 'diesel' for 6 cylinders with a power of 320 hp. Later, a 'hot' modification of the Gran Coupe will appear, with its capacity reaching as much as 600 horsepower.

The production of the 8-Series coupe is now being done in Lower Bavaria.