2016-02-08 14:46:31

Hybrid BMW M. Soon

The M division of BMW does not seriously perceive the hybrid future for all producers. The automaker is going to follow this pass.

The vice president for engineering of BMW M division stated that the high-performance cars will become hybrid. This technology will be used in order to decrease CO2 emissions and to make the vehicles more responsive and faster.

He specified that electrification will probably be inevitable. However, it depends on the performance increase.

The vice president understands that BMW clients do not admire purely electric cars. They are not interested in driving without the combustion motor. The customers need to know if new changes have a positive effect on the performance.

So, the possibility that a fully-electric M offering from BMW appears soon is scarce. The division is going to wait some time until the hybrid set-ups are suitable to be mounted into the sports vehicles.

The producer will have to consider the weight implications of electrification.