2020-10-28 21:37:17

G-Power revealed the BMW M5 version with 900-horsepower

According to its vision, the German tuning studio G-Power redesigned the BMW M5 sports sedan, calling the car G5M Hurricane RR.

Its advantage is acceleration to the first hundred km per hour in 2.5 seconds.

The novelty develops a maximum of 900 "horses" and 1050 Nm of peak torque (torque is limited to not break the automatic transmission).

The stock BMW M5 Competition has a power of 625 "horses" and 750 Nm, and the first hundred kilometers per hour are given to him in 3.3 seconds with a maximum acceleration of up to 305 km/h. For the G5M Hurricane RR, these figures are 2.5 seconds, the top speed is 350 km/h.

The 4.4-liter V8 engine with factory index S63B44T4 has brand new forged pistons with connecting rods and better-tubed compressors, plus brand new intake and exhaust systems, an optimized cooling system, a new engine, and transmission management program.

Visually, innovations are visible on the GP Venturi carbon fiber hood with holes for cooling the engine compartment, aerodynamic body kit without body expansion, lowered suspension by 30 millimeters, the latest 21-inch forged wheels, 4 exhaust pipes with carbon fiber coating. The client discusses the interior modifications individually.

The customer must provide his stock BMW M5 for conversion (the minimum model is estimated at 117 852 euros in Germany), and all work on converting the model into a 900-horsepower G5M Hurricane RR will amount to 115 000 euros.