2019-05-28 18:48:23

BMW iNEXT: an electric SUV showed its salon

BMW teases the public with its future novelty - the iNEXT cross.

The Bavarian brand has distributed a snapshot of the part of the cabin, where a huge curved screen is visible.

This display will be the main feature of the BMW iNEXT tidy, and the rest of the space will be given to the multimedia touchscreen. The display will be freely suspended from the panel, which will provide it with the illusion of soaring. The screen will be frameless, equipped with a unique non-reflective glass and thin magnesium mounting brackets.

By the way, BMW iNEXT will be in 2 years at the company's plant in Dingolfing, Germany. In theory, the novelty will be called the BMW i5. The car is expected to have a massive range of 600 km, as well as the autopilot.