2020-12-30 19:20:14

BMW i4 M passes final tests

The paparazzi recorded on-road tests of the new electric sports car BMW i4 M, which will begin its sales in the new year.

The new BMW i4 M differs from the standard variant, first of all, externally. For example, new exterior rear mirrors and wider rear fenders are noticeable. By idea, the camouflage covers all other parts of the "sporty" design.

Similarly, many changes will appear in the interior, such as a sports steering wheel and more new equipment.

The BMW i4 M will be one position above the M350i and M550i. The novelty will get the same aggressive design and excellent performance as the M3 and M4.

Exact specs for the BMW i4 and i4 M remain unknown. The i4 concept has a 530-horsepower electric motor with a range of 600 km.