2019-11-25 16:44:36

BMW accused of patent infringement hybrid technology

BMW accused of patent infringement hybrid technology

In the United States, BMW has received a subpoena. The charges relate to patent infringement on hybrid power plants.

Paice filed the allegations with the Abell Foundation.

Director of Paice Robert Oswald said that his company hoped to transfer the license subsequently, having disclosed some secret data of its hybrid technology to BMW representatives. But the Bavarians did not take the permit but used the data for their purposes.

The lawsuit indicates that the Bavarians illegally applied Paice technology directly to 8 of their hybrids: the BMW 330e iPerformance, 530e iPerformance, 750e xDrive iPerformance, i8 Roadster Plug-in, and also the Mini Countryman Plug-in.
BMW representatives don't comment on the lawsuit.