2020-06-23 17:34:58

Apple will have digital car keys

Apple developers at the conference dedicated to the new iOS14 operating system talked about the CarKey option.

The novelty allows you to open and close the car using NFC communication technology on a smartphone or watch. For this, it is enough to bring the device to the vehicle. You can perform these actions by confirming your identity using FaceID or TouchID.

Functionality CarKey is not limited to unlocking locks. With it, you can open the trunk, doors and start the engine. The possibility of using CarKey to limit the speed of the car or the audio system volume is also considered. And the most interesting - you can share the digital key by sending it to another gadget. With a depleted device, CarKey will work for another five hours.

The first production car to use CarKey will be the updated BMW 5-Series. The exact timing of the release of iOS14 at Apple did not name.