2014-02-14 14:26:56

Accessories for X5 M Performance of BMW Hit the Market

X5 by BMW has made its M Performance package increasing performance index and boosting the appearance available.

The crucial detail of the new kit is carbon fibre. It is presented at caps of the mirrors, at front splitter and other parts. The optional variant for those who want to make their cars more adorned and aerodynamic, M Performance offers shining black grilles, brand marks below passenger doorsills and wheels 21 inches in diameter.

Improvements under the bonnet are also foreseen by the new package. The cars equipped by the kit feature a turbo I6 for 3.0 litres putting out 320 hp and maximum torque of 332 lb-ft. The figures are 20 hp and 32 lb-ft higher than in the standard X5. Sharper throttle response is mated with advanced equipment meant to boost stopping power.

Warranty for all vehicles with M Performance is provided for 4 years or 50,000 miles. However, to obtain it the owners should have the parts installed at the company’s special centre. M Performance also belongs to standard BMW Financial Services, which implies a total lease residue.