2018-09-17 16:15:16

A huge electric SUV from BMW debuted officially

A brand new cross with an electrical installation was presented by BMW.

The machine is called iNext, and the dimensions are a copy of the X5 model. In 3 years the novelty will become serial.

iNext was on Boeing 777 ° F from Lufthansa at the presentation. Boeing flew from Munich to New York, and then went to Frankfurt, after traveling San Francisco and Beijing.

The new machine is complemented by a futuristic design with an autonomous control system. The rest info in a secret.

There will be 2 driving modes in the electric rover - Boost and Ease. Auto means that the steering wheel in the crossover is retracted, and the driver's seat is turned into the sides of the passengers. Batteries in the new electric car are created by BMW specialists, not Samsung, as before.