2016-03-21 16:36:46

320 hp for BMW 220i Coupe from a Tuner

Mcchip-dkr, a tuner from Germany, is presenting a large power boost scheme tailored to the 220i from BMW.

The 2.0-litre turbocharged V4 engine now can be obtained with 2 power enhancements. The upgrades were developed for those clients who want more than just regular 184 hp and torque of 200 pound-feet.  The stage 1 kit boosts power to 225 hp and 295 lb-ft for just €1,099.

After the implementation of the upgrade, the considered model will reach a top speed of 155 mph. Meanwhile the regular version has only 146 mph. At this point we do not know about the 0-62 mph sprint.

The tuner also offers a stage 2 kit. It is able to increase power numbers up to 320 hp and torque of 321 lb-ft. In such a way the model will be as powerful as an M235i Coupe. The price stands at €6,399. The 220i will be able to sprint up to 161 mph thankfully to an enhanced turbocharger and a custom exhaust set-up.

The 220i Coupe from BMW is also equipped with custom 19-inch alloys and a KW coilover version 3 suspension. The body vinyl wrap makes an accent on the vehicle’s outstanding character.