2019-07-25 15:35:27

Volvo quality will check AI

Volvo has invested in 2 Israeli startups that are developing promising technologies.

These firms are the first not from the USA and Europe who received similar support. Developments from them will be able to improve the quality of machines, increasing their safety.

Startups UVeye and MDGo are based in Tel Aviv, being part of the DRIVE project (the accelerator for startup companies in the field of smart mobility). The Volvo project has been funding for two years through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. MDGo creates AI in the field of medicine. Inside the company, they report that the task of MDGo is to save people. This goal coincides with the mission of Volvo.

The second startup was UVeye, which works on auto-testing technology of the car’s body part regarding various breakdowns. UVeye scanners shortly will appear in the production of Volvo. The system will test the order at the Swedish Torslandland plant at the end of 2019.