2019-10-17 17:30:29

Volvo presented its first commercial electric car

The novelty is the "green" performance of the XC40 SUV. 

Worldwide sales of new items, which provided the prefix Recharge to the name, will be starting next year. The model is estimated at 57,700 euros.

XC40 based on Compact Modular Architecture. The length of the electric car is 4.425 m, with a width of 2.034 m. Ground clearance is 175 mm. The luggage compartment volume, which is 413 liters, has become smaller (a standard car has this indicator at the level of 460 liters). The company's designers decided to add another 30-luggage rack but to the front of the vehicle.
The car will appear in 8 different colors to choose from, as will rims of 19 and 20 inches. Cross will have two electric motors, 1 for each axis. In total, 408 "horses" and 660 Nm power.