2013-06-26 14:30:00

Additional Polestar Volvo Nameplates Needed

Volvo is starting a 100-vehicle run of the sports-powered S60 Polestar, the results from which will show if the brand implements the Polestar treatment to other nameplates. 

Of the 100 S60 Polestars, the first run of 50 will be delivered in Australia, operating as an experimental program for the automaker to find out how much demand there is in these models. Volvo is going to test the acceptance of the Polestar moniker versus the likes of in-house tuning names such as Mercedes AMG, BMW M, and Nissan’s NISMO.

“There is a test project in Australia for Australia nowadays. But we just have to look at the other chances with the rest of our range to see there is a bright future,” Volvo Vehicles Australia Head, Matt Braid, told Carsbase. “Actually, I’d like to say yes [there will be more dedicated Polestar versions], but it is too early to say anything. We will look at what else we can reach after this test project.”

If the program is considered a success, the Polestar may find its way onto the Volvo V40 and XC60 next, both of which will probably be sold in Australia first, once again to check the demand and reaction from clients.