2020-05-30 11:57:49

Unveiled the new Volkswagen Viloran minivan

The novelty belongs to the segment of luxury cars. Volkswagen press center announced the availability of a vehicle in dealerships.

Dimensions of the new car: 5,346 mm in length, 1,976 mm in width, height was 1,781 mm, wheelbase - 3,180 mm. The car designs made on the MQB architecture. The exterior of the new Volkswagen Viloran like Touareg style.

Viloran equippes with a two-liter EA888 turbo engine, and its two possible variations generate 186 or 220 Hp with 320 or 350 Nm. Volkswagen Viloran operates on an eight-speed gearbox. The car consumes 7.6 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. Manufacturers promise to release a hybrid modification.

The Volkswagen Viloran saloon seats seven people. A large sliding door with electric drive provides a comfortable landing and boarding of passengers. The car was equipped with smart cruise control, a circular video review, a system that prevents frontal and side impacts.