2020-04-17 19:48:43

The updated Volkswagen Tiguan takes the Polo and Jetta appearance

Volkswagen decided to show the first official teaser image, which hints at the appearance of the restyled Tiguan SUV.

The picture shows the car design, which resembles the new generation of Polo and Jetta Sedans.

The basic version of the updated Tiguan will include LED optics in the front and rear, and IQ Light matrix headlights with 22 diodes of the adaptive plan will act as an option.

Tiguan will receive a new-generation infotainment complex MIB3, the chip of which is to download updates and applications “over the air.”

The main technical point is the hybrid powerplant, which should be taken from the restyled Volkswagen Passat GTE wagon. It includes a 1.4-liter supercharged 4-cylinder 156-horsepower gasoline engine that works with a 115-horsepower electric motor and 13-kilowatt-hour batteries. Electric traction will allow you to drive 50 km.