2019-09-23 17:34:06

Sales of new cars sag in Europe

ACEA released a report according to which, on August 2019, the sales of new products across Europe fell by 8.4%, compared to last August.

In the first eight months of this year, a total of 10,500,000 vehicles sold in the European car market.

In August 2018, car sales in Europe increased significantly, immediately by 31%. Now sales are down, and palpably.

New items have declined in Germany, France, Spain, throughout the UK. It turns out that all the major European automotive markets dipped — the worst decline recorded in Spain (minus 30.8%).

Taking into account the sales of European automakers, the best result in August 2019 was VW Group (285 894 cars), PSA Group (149 453), as well as RENAULT Group (106 976). From the beginning of the year to August, 10.5 million cars sold in the EU.