2020-05-25 15:54:13

Paparazzi recorded a Volkswagen Arteon updated version

Volkswagen is gearing up for updates to the five-door Arteon liftback.

Now the novelty is actively passing road tests in minimal disguise.

Differences between new items and the previous version are not particularly visible. From the latest: a different radiator, front panel, and other taillights will appear.

The interior of the model will change much more than its appearance: a new dashboard with a vast infotainment complex, rich in many different functions, should appear.

Motor gamut is still classified. According to rumors, the "charged" version of the updated novelty and the hybrid version can be equipped with a 3.0-liter turbo engine for 400 horsepower.

Sales of the updated Volkswagen Arteon will begin at the end of 2020.