2020-04-28 21:01:17

Europe gradually resumes production of cars

Large companies are starting a gradual resumption of car production in Europe.

For about two months, the plants did not work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Automotive News writes that the Volkswagen Group began working on April 27 at its main plant in Wolfsburg. At first, the plant will only work at 10-15% of its capacity, and from next week production will rise to 40%. By the end of this week, VW will collect 1,400 copies of the eighth generation Golf, and in two weeks, about 6 thousand cars will appear.

Volkswagen will soon open its plants in Spain, Portugal, Russia, and from next month, enterprises in South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico will start operating.

Soon BMW made new engines. Daimler Group companies are currently preparing Mercedes-Benz plants in Bremen and Sindelfingen.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is busy restarting commercial cars at a factory in Italy. Toyota will build vehicles in French Valenciennes. By the way, today, Renault opens an enterprise in Flein-Sur-Seine.