2016-11-02 20:43:20

$188,000 For Non-Such Tiffany Blue Tesla Model X

Tsportline is a Tesla tuner. It offers a Tiffany Blue Model X on eBay. You can buy it now for $188,000. Is the vehicle worth this sum?

There are special features on this model that make it to stand out from usual offerings. It is equipped with MX5 forged 22-inch wheels. They are finished in gloss black colour. Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres wrap the wheels. It will be possible to change the wheels to the desired colour as well for some extra money.

The Falcon Wing doors are gorgeous. The usual black trim has disappeared and turned into a plant Tesla white. You will see white leather seats inside. The helm is wrapped in white leather.

The car benefits from a 3M Crystalline tint. All windows received it. When the doors are opened, a LED light display projects the company’s logo.