2020-09-08 21:26:18

Tesla Model Y will be specially redesigned for Europe

Tesla will launch the Model Y crossover at its newest plant in Germany. The European crossover will differ from the American version.

The Model Y will hit the German plant from July 2021. There is no information yet on innovations for the electric crossover. Profound changes are expected in the design of the machine. All data on the new product will become known on September 22, when Tesla will present the latest battery technology developments.

The American version of the Tesla Model Y hit buyers this spring. The electric car is the company's "jubilee" car. The compact SUV received a chassis from Tesla Model 3. Model Y is powered by two electric motors and battery packs of different capacities. The most expensive electric car accelerates to "hundred" in 3.5 seconds at a maximum of 250 km/h. Fully charged batteries allow the car to travel over 450 km.