2016-05-30 14:05:37

Tesla Model X Owner filed a Lawsuit

The quality of Tesla Model X is under question.

Barrett Lyon of California has got two Teslas: a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Roadster. However, he did not experience satisfaction with the latest Model X. Lyon has sued the brand in Placer County Court. According to him, the American producer could not fix the problems with his vehicle. Lyon wants a refund. The car was bought for $161,970.

Here are the problems with the offering. According to Lyon, the doors have some “weird, wicked things”. They opened while standing in the garage and slammed shut on his wife. He announced that Autopilot in the rain is very dangerous. The touchscreen freezes all the time, the 2nd row seat makes the driver’s seat to fold forward. Besides, the autopark option is useless as it does not work 90% of the time when it is needed.

Tesla model X owners have already spoken of doubtful quality. A Lemon lawsuit has already been brought against the automaker.