2021-01-22 22:43:56

Tesla Model S turned into a convertible

The Italian body studio Ares Design, founded by the ex-head of Lotus, Dany Bacharom, has presented the latest project. 

The novelty is a heavily modified electric car Tesla Model S, which has turned into a 2-door convertible.
Ares Design has been making the car for the last couple of years, as presented in the fall of 2018. The car received changes to the body and chassis, new aerodynamic elements, and a completely different interior.

Tuners removed the roof from the car, the center pillars, and standard doors, which the Italians replaced with entirely new long doors. More modifications got to the car's stern, where there is a place for a folding top. The leather in the cabin is white, with bright orange and black inlays.

The technical part of the car remains unknown.