2019-11-24 16:05:25

Presentation of the first Tesla electric pickup (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Tesla Motors has unveiled the first-ever pickup truck with an electrical installation - Cybertruck.

The car is valued at $40,000 for basic equipment, and for top-end vehicles, the price is set at $70,000. Now Tesla is accepting preliminary applications for the new product. It will be provided to the first customers at the beginning of 2021; however, top versions will appear in 2022.

A colossal pickup puts inside up to 6 people, and the trunk can easily place an ATV. The second luggage compartment is located in front. The novelty was equipped with a futuristic design in the style of the cars of the future. The body itself is made entirely of ultra high alloy steel.

Electric pickup got adaptive air suspension. The length of the Cybertruck is 5.885 m, the width is 2.027 m, the height is 1905 m. The clearance was 400 mm. The novelty can accommodate 1587 kg of cargo. The car’s interior got a large touch screen that can control the main functions of the vehicle, and the steering wheel is more like an airplane steering wheel. Another pickup truck is available with the proprietary Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system and with a round-robin system.

The first rear-wheel-drive pickup variation has one electric motor. Such a pickup picks up the first hundred km per hour in 6.5 seconds at a maximum speed of 177 km per hour. On one charge, the car will travel a maximum of 400 km. This Cybertruck easily tows a trailer weighing up to 3,400 kilograms.

More customers will receive a pickup modification with two electric motors and an all-wheel-drive system. The car accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, towing a maximum load of up to 4.5 tons.