2017-01-13 18:06:06

'Ludicrous Plus' Mode From Tesla

It looks like Tesla always has some extra juice that is possible to squeeze from the Tesla Model S P100D. 

The company shared a video of the innovated Ludicrous Plus online. It allows the vehicle to accelerate up to 60 mph in 2.465 seconds. That’s a bit quicker than the regular Ludicrous mode.

You will need to have a P100D and 2.52.22 firmware (at least). In order to access the Plus mode, you will have to hold down the Ludicrous mode button during 5 seconds. Then a warp mode graphic will appear and you will have to answer if you are going to access Ludicrous Plus.  The automaker warns that the mode under consideration will cause accelerated ware on the battery, gearbox and motor.

Besides, there are several modifications on the digital screen located in front of the driver. Such things as magenta arc on the battery temperature. Maximum battery force, engine power and longitudinal acceleration are also shown.