2017-04-24 14:23:23

Is Tesla's Autopilot Defective?

After a lawsuit claiming Tesla’s Autopilot software to be not safe, the automaker is on the offensive.

A law company has launched a class action lawsuit on behalf of a group of 47,000 Tesla clients owning Tesla because of “dangerously defective” Autopilot. According to the owners, the autonomous driving software is faulty and it is impossible to predict it. The customers are not happy with becoming “beta testers of half-baked software” rendering the company’s car dangerous. The complaint was filed in federal court located in San Jose (California) this week.

Before using Autopilot, the company warns drivers that beta software is needed. The drivers should accept a warning on the infotainment display before engaging Autopilot. According to the producer, it has never claimed that Autopilot can provide fully autonomous driving (however,they want it to do this for the future vehicles).

The automaker stated that the view of these people is inaccurate and sensationalistic. The group was misinformed and this threatens to bring harm to consumer safety.