2019-11-28 18:32:28

Dubai police will have a Tesla pickup

The Dubai police will have at their disposal several Tesla Cybertruck electric pickups after some time.

Information shared on the official Twitter of local law enforcement. The photo shows a pickup with a special police livery.

The police did not specify which version of Cybertruck they purchased. To date, the electric car is announced in three versions. The initial version of Single Motor has a rear-wheel drive and one electric motor. Such a pick-up picks up the first hundred km per hour in 6.5 seconds at a maximum speed of 177 km per hour. On a single charge, the model travels up to 400 km.

Also available for purchase is a Dual Motor AWD pickup truck with 2 electric motors and four-wheel drive. "Hundred" by the car is typed in 4.5 seconds.

The most expensive Cybertruck variant, Tri Motor, is powered by three electric motors. One is located on the front axle, and two units are located on the rear axle. "Hundred" is typed in 2.9 seconds - a similar indicator makes the novelty one of the fastest pickups in the world.