2017-04-01 03:56:37

Better Autopilot For Newer Tesla Model S

The latest Tesla Model S cars received similar features as the 1st-gen Autopilot hardware.

When the automaker first announced Hardware 2.0, it was clear that not all the identical features will be possible to obtain from the beginning. The latest 8.1 update makes cars up to date. The customers will benefit from the same safety features that are available in older Model S cars. The top speed for Autosteer stands at 80 mph (it stood at 55 mph). Lane departure warning has also been included.

The producer from the U.S. states that the Model S will need calibration before Autosteer can be used at driving speeds higher than 55 mph. The calibration is available automatically in a few days of driving on well-marked highway roads.

Customers who own HW2 can benefit from the Summon feature. This gives them a chance to move their car in and out of a parking space (or garage) without being present in the vehicle.