2018-09-01 12:59:48

Subaru removes diesel engines from the UK market

Subaru decided to remove models with 2.0-liter diesel engines from the UK market.

Some versions of Outback and Forester will soon be unavailable to the British because of the forthcoming introduction of new restrictions on the number of exhausts of motors.

Cars with diesel engines bring their manufacturers tangible profits around the world. Along with this, companies are forced to refuse to use this type of units. This is due to the important fact that next month will come into force the new WLTP rules that limit the concentration of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Subaru will gradually stop the sale in the British market for cars that have 2.0-liter diesel units.

The new norms, experts believe, can affect the market as a whole. Many versions of gasoline engines also need further development, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of carcinogenic components in the exhaust gases. New standards and norms for exhaust gases have become a serious problem for many automobile giants. Re-equipment of production capacity will cost companies billions of dollars.