2019-08-28 23:22:16

Subaru Impreza successful updated

Subaru has declassified the data regarding the updated Impreza for the Japanese car market.

Auto differs from pre-reform sedans with hatchbacks interior and exterior. The novelty has changed the shape of the radiator, a different bumper has appeared in the front with black slots, and the front and rear optics have become modern. The salon was replenished with new multimedia with a huge sensor, while the finish received more quality materials.

The Eyesight Touring Assist package has become a part of the standard equipment. It includes a lane holding system, an auto-brake system, and an adaptive cruise.

Technically, the car did not change: 1.6-liter boxer engines drive Impreza with 115 hp. and 2.0 liters per 154 hp.