2016-12-28 14:32:23

New Subaru Impreza WRX Will Come Out Only In 2020

The latest Subaru Impreza 5 door is great, but unfortunately, we shall not see it that soon. We shall have to wait until 2020.

In his interview with Motoring, an Australian Web-site, a Senior Engineer revealed some details about the coming-soon sports sedan. According to him, the WRX will be facelifted soon. However, it will be not a full model cycle as the latest offering has been launched last year. The full model cycle will come in 4-5 years and that will be when we see a full offering.

The WRX should be a high-performance hybrid powerplant. So, the fans should be rather excited about it. A new-gen FWD set-up and a motor-drive rear axle are being developed now. Let us wait and see what will be prepared to us.