2014-04-30 17:41:58

BRZ from Subaru 2,500 GBP Less Expensive

2,500 GBP taken off the price of Subaru BRZ allows British customers to opt for the vehicle costing minimum ₤24,000.

Now the coupe will be affordable for more drivers: for ₤24,000 (with an adorable 5-pound discount) BRZ enthusiasts will have access to SE Lux manual-gearbox modification for six speeds. 5,000 pounds more will ensure an automatic offering.

Such a cut became possible due to beneficial economic conditions, namely, acceptable current exchange rate. IM Group used them to economize on shipment price for transporting the vehicles from Japan. Standard version of BRZ implies presence of leather upholstery, rear axle from Torsen and ability to change the gear near the steering wheel.

Subaru BRZ makes use of the same powertrain presented in latest Toyota and Scion models, which is a V4 engine for 2.0 litres making 197 hp and torque of 151 lb-ft.