2014-01-27 11:17:51

2015 Subaru Models to Achieve Advanced EyeSight System

Subaru has unveiled the new version of driver assistance device called EyeSight. It features cameras able to deliver a coloured image with prolonged signal and wider field of view.

Speed differential figures have also changed for the updated EyeSight: now it can operate when the other vehicle rides at 30 mph, while the previous system used 19 mph range. New EyeSight implements two cameras located in the cabin, in the upper corner of windscreen. The engineers also managed to decrease the area of the system by 15 percent.

EyeSight offers cruise control, a system preventing collisions and integrated warning of lane departure, and apart from that it is able to track the path for the presence of other vehicles moving slower than 30 mph. In the case of detection and need the system applies braking up to the point of a complete stop.

2015 model year will also have Subaru equipped with the detector of blind spot, integrated lane change helper and rear view alert.