2019-06-04 21:43:04

Skoda students made a cool Kodiaq pickup

Skoda students made a cool Kodiaq pickup

In Skoda declassified already the 6th in a row prototype, created by the hands of students of their technical school.

New pickup Mountiaq, with the basis of the Kodiaq cross. The original car got another body with increased ground clearance, and the loading platform has backlighting.

35 students of 6 different specialties developed the pickup. The whole creation of cars took eight months. Cross-overs started with body reinforcement, roof dismantling, as well as the creation of a brand new cab rear panel and glazing. The cargo platform Mountiaq is equipped with another compartment with a door hidden in the subfield. The cab's car door is shortened, and the bumpers with thresholds have changed.

This pickup increased ground clearance by 10 cm, reaching 29 cm. The track was increased by 3 cm thanks to the appearance of 17-inch Rockstar II discs. The show car has petrol 2.0-liter turbocharged 190-horsepower engine.

The machine is equipped with a snorkel, a block of additional lighting on the roof, light of the cargo platform, etc. Salon Mountiaq has sports seats with integrated head restraints and logo embroidered on them.