2013-10-21 11:37:14

2015 Scion xB to be Released

Scion will release its 3rd gen variant of its stylish xB model next year as a 2015 model.

The news are flying around what is, or isn’t, going on at the Toyota youth brand with the latest being a report about the refreshed xB.

In a recent interview automaker chief Doug Murtha commented that both the xB and xD are “logical candidates” for a refreshment in 2015. Murtha wouldn’t provide specifics but was eager to quash rumors that no new vehicles would be released until 2017.

According to a recent report, Scion is now testing two new 5-door hatchback models for the US market, both of which will also be sold in Japan. The vehicles are both being constructed to meet strict US safety standards.

While keeping its core products fresh is vital, Scion is also going to add fresh models and is investigating the possibility of a compact sedan based off the FR-S rear-wheel drive platform. There is a probable road block to the plan, however, with Subaru (which co-created the vehicle) reportedly “dragging its heels” on the project.

A bigger problem is that Toyota would have to approve the sedan for use as a Toyota branded vehicle in other worldwide markets in order to make a business case for the model.