2017-01-27 16:35:06

Saab Might Be Back From the Dead Once More

Saab, the Swedish producer keeps returning back from the dead.

NEVS owns Saab. It made another move to become a participant of the EV segment by receiving approval for a plant in China that could produce 200,000 cars yearly.

The automaker’s EV manufacturing license was approved by the Chinese NDRC. In such a way, NEVS is officially allowed to start manufacturing of its cars. The automakers have to get approval from NDRC before producing EVs in this country.

NEVS is a joint venture company. Investors sponsor it outside of China. It is the first one of its kind to receive the investment that has been approved by NDRC. Now NDRC requires companies to get permission before moving on and investing in the automotive world in China. We know that the government is developing a strategy on making everything easier for abroad producers to invest in the country.

Tianjin factory is still being constructed. Though, NEVS says it should be operational till the end of 2017.