2014-09-26 13:26:28

SAAB production Will not be Resumed Soon, NEVS is going to Turnoff 200 Workmen in Sweden

NEVS is going to turnoff almost 200 workmen at SAAB’s Trollhattan plant in Sweden.

SAAB is trying to survive in the today’s market having more troubles than ever. National Electric Vehicle Sweden, the parent company, stated about the radical restructing scheme. Producing was halted because of the funds’ shortage. 200 workers out of 550 will appear without work.

The administrator of the company will present the automaker’s scheme on October 8 on the meeting of the creditors. The decision of laying the works off will be stated there. National Electric Vehicle Sweden also stated earlier that negotiations with two carmakers are being held. These negotiations may help to obtain more necessary for the 9-3 production renewal. The electric offering of which is being evolved.