2015-11-10 15:01:44

Wald produced its vision of Wraith from Rolls-Royce

Las Vegas event of last week was the debut site of the restyled Rolls-Royce made under creative supervision of Wald International.

One cannot say that the car tuning companies queued up to deal with classy Wraith model, for the material is not so simple to work with. The Japanese-based enterprise, on the other hand, has some convincing experience in this regard. Its modification dubbed Black Bison Edition managed to add aggressiveness to the exterior coupled with sport allusions. Truth be told, integral elegance was somewhat lost along the design way.

In the front one can enjoy the looks of the new bumper details with LED lighting, sides are made larger due to new skirts and the rear part interested the tuning company the most with a spoiler,

exhaust and skirt modifications introduced. Following the modern tendencies, Wald International offers plain or reinforced fibre on all the details. Those who want to finish up a sports look might be interested in ordering special large wheels 22 inches in diameter. Throw in an advanced suspension and you are sure to yield a smooth ride.

The state of things under the bonnet is unchanged: the same powerful 624 bhp, torque of 590 lb-ft on a twelve-cylinder twin-turbo mill. Acceleration figures are also pleasant: it takes a rather heavy car only 4.4 seconds to hit a 60-mph point from standstill.