2015-12-14 15:12:28

Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase from Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce boasts the capabilities of its division with the help of an outstanding Sunrise Phantom Extended Wheelbase.

The vehicle received special body paint. The automaker claims that it is able to pick up the sun rays throughout the day. Then it will generate a striking sparkle. The whole thing sounds rather impressive, but let us wait and see if we can believe the automaker.

The brand made the vehicle’s pink colour look very appropriate. There are golden accents on it. They pop up depending on the light source. The producer also specified that the colours will be slowly revealed as a kaleidoscope in the course of the day. Everything will depend on the intensity of the sun.

Speaking of the interior, the automaker revealed that it will feature Sunrise leather upholstery combined with Dark Spice accents. There is a big amount of wood trim on the dashboard. Door panels, helm’s spokes and the rear centre console also received this kind of finish.

The beautiful wood trim has been decorated with a gold inlaid Spirit of Ecstasy emblem.