2017-03-06 15:25:35

Rolls-Royce States It Does Not Have Rivals

According to Automarket.ro, Regional Director for Germany, Eastern and Northern Europe at Rolls Royce stated that the high-end brand based in London does not have any competitors in the vehicle business as none of other luxury producers are able to offer more than they can (speaking of equipment, customization and luxury).

The chief said that there is nothing above Rolls-Royce in the vehicle world. According to him, Bentley is not a real rival for the brand as it is possible to buy 1 Rolls-Royce for the price of 2 Bentleys.

The average Rolls-Royce costs around $318,675 and the automaker’s customers are on average in their 50s. The Dawn convertible and the Wraith coupe are purchased by the youngest customers (their average age is around 40).