2020-03-18 18:51:29

Rolls-Royce Cullinan gave more power and aggressiveness

The German tuning studio Spofec, which specializes in refinements to Rolls-Royce, presented its version of Cullinan.

The crossover got a brand new aggressive body kit along with a more enhanced engine output.

The project was called Overdose. Spofec specialists drew the latest body kit for the car, which includes bumpers, side skirts, wheel arch extensions, a diffuser, and a rear spoiler, plus there is a program to increase the power of the standard V12 6.75 liters. The regular Cullinan produces 571 hp. and 850 Nm, the modification of the Black Badge develops 600 hp. and 900 Nm, and our hero - 685 "horses" and 1010 Nm.

Cullinan Overdose accelerates to "hundred" in 4.9 seconds at a top speed of 250 km/h.