2018-08-13 17:24:22

Cannes hosts a unique exhibition from Rolls-Royce

Exposition of the current Rolls-Royce models near the Intercontinental Carlton hotel in Cannes began work.

The British show a unique surfboard together with Cullinan, a special version of the Dawn Adamas, and also a brand new Phantom. A unique surfboard was provided by a regular Rolls-Royce customer.

The surfboard has a length of 2,794 m, and it was made by the British company Woodpop. The design uses a paulownia, American walnut veneer, and many other trees. Decorates the surfboard decorative sheet, which is made of 24-carat gold.

We will highlight at the exhibition and a convertible Dawn Adamas with a circulation of 30 pieces. This car for the first time in the history of the company acquired a statuette "Spirit of Ecstasy" (made of carbon fiber and decorated with 88 artificial black diamonds).