2014-04-30 17:46:52

Amazing Electric-Powered Concept_One to be Produced at Full Scale

It took Rimac three years to lead its impressive electric vehicle promising to deliver more than 1,000 hp from showrooms to assembly lines.

It has become known that the Croatian brand signed contracts with a couple of investors ready to allocate funds to Concept_One manufacturing. 88 units of nearly million dollar-worth cars are planned to be constructed. Sideline project of Rimac will soon come into operation with the establishment of Greyp electric bicycle company and its first G-12 release. Auto media sources indicate one of the generous sponsors to be a Columbia-based oil lord Frank Yepes, who is one of the lucky owners of Ferrari 599 XX. He is famous in automobile world for his support of the electric direction of Formula E and is generally an electrification enthusiast.

The second sponsor is also known – it is rumoured to be a 10% stakeholder of the brand from Hong Kong. This company expresses keen interest in the expansion of Concept_One line-up. In its turn, Rimac has secured a position of an innovative think tank and is ready to license its developments and novelties to other producers.