2021-02-09 20:18:44

Renault 4 will be reborn as an electric car

The French company is planning to release a new electric car Renault 4, in 2025. 

The novelty will have a retro design in addition to modern technology.

The French produced this car from 1961 to 1994. For 33 years, Renault 4 has been sold out worldwide in the amount of 8 million copies.

Not so long ago, Renault said that they wanted to revive another cult car - Renault 5. The vehicle will similarly be an electric car in a retro design, which is expected for 2023.

Both Renault 4 and Renault 5 will be based on the CMF-B EV architecture. The Renault 5 will be a hatchback, and the Renault 4 will be a small crossover. The novelties will replace the Zoe electric car, challenging to cope with the competition with more famous electric vehicles.