2014-09-22 13:00:15

R.S. 01 Renault's Race Car is French for Savage

Renault is worth of spending $ 400,000.

Being not popular in North America in categories, the French automaker continues to occupy the second place in the homeland being a convincible proponent of advancement through racing. The Renault RS 01falls into this category. The variant was introduced at the Auto Show in Moscow. The new race offering is equipped with a detuned variant of the GT-R six-cylinder turbocharged engine which can produce 500 hp. The bellicose-looking Renault race model will be the luminary of a modern single-make race series with the name of Renault Sport Trophy.

The model’s shape is designed by Akio Shumizu. The carbon fiber reminds Dallara and the leverage recalls Nissan. The GT-R leverage is secured by screws right into the carbon tub. It has a sequential transmission of seven speeds for powering the backward wheels. The offering has the stipulated adhesive power control system and antilock brake system.

The prepulsory season will start in 2015. It will feature around 20 teams presenting amateur and professional drivers competing in outputs which will seize Europe. The pro driver winner will be able to test with technical advisory group of the Nismo Super Gt. The winning nonpro will get a seat in an LMP2 model for Le Mans of 2016.