2019-04-17 16:52:23

First information about the third-generation Renault Duster

Renault will begin work on a new, third-generation Duster crossover not earlier than the second half of 2020.

The start of sales in this case will take place only in 2023 or later. Recall the second generation Renault Duster was showed in September 2017.

The crossover, which has since overcome the honorary mark of one million units sold, has been seriously updated, but the platform has remained the same - the French have limited themselves to a deep modernization. In India, as it turned out, the novelty will not come. Instead, a deep restyling of the current model is expected.

Today this is the most likely scenario, because, due to the new platform, the localization of the second generation will require additional investments in any case. Also, do not forget about the complete economic inexpediency of such a project, because “Duster” shares its chassis with the Nissan Kicks and Renault Captur - and why are these “reforms” to them?

So, most likely, in two or three years we will see the next, third generation Renault Duster. It turns out that, knowing the situation with the fate of the crossover in India, you can mentally prepare for a similar turn of events: restyling and new options.