2016-11-11 17:46:42

$53,015 For 2017 Ram Power Wagon

Ram is going to make the next year’s Power Wagon the one for dirt lovers. The all-terrain pick-up will cost starting from $53,015 (and $1,320 destination cost).

The Power Wagin is originated on the Ram 2500. It features an outstanding design reminding of the Ram 1500 Rebel. Inside the cabin you will find tyre-tread-embossed seats along with a Power Wagon logo placed on the upper bolsters.

The power will be provided by a 6.4-litre eight-cylinder producing 410 hp and torque of 429 pound-feet. A 6-speed automatic gearbox will send the power with the help of FWD set-up. The traction will be enhanced from 33-inch tyres.

Off-road version received Bilstein mono-tube shocks, an electronic disconnecting sway bar and 5-link rear coil spring suspension. The automaker says that the new set-up will feature 26 inches of wheel travel, 14.3 inches of ground clearance and capability of fording 30 inches of water.