2019-08-21 22:28:27

The interior of an electric Porsche Taycan appears on a photo

Porsche showed society the first shot of a front panel of the Taycan electric car, announcing the integration of full-time media with Apple Music.

Taycan will be the first commercial vehicle to have built-in access to the iTunes Store library, which stores 50 million songs.

A free Apple Music subscription will be distributed immediately with the Taycan base package. All current users of this service provider with three additional months of subscription and a new user registration will activate it for six months using Apple Music for free. Another Taycan price will include a free 3-year auto internet with an external antenna, as well as a roaming package.
The Taycan saloon got a front panel and a steering wheel from 911 in a 992 body. The digital “tidy” equipped with five driving modes: Normal, Sport, Sport +, Individual, Range.

By the way, the debut show of the Porsche Taycan will be on September 4, 2019.