2015-03-17 16:10:21

Seventh Offering from Porsche by 2020

Porsche is planning to add a seventh offering to its assembly range by 2020.

The German producer’s director confirmed at the Volkswagen Group’s annual meeting of investors that a seventh offering is being considered. Matthias Müller assured it will be introduced by 2020. He also recollected American electric manufacturer Tesla and told that it has a really pragmatic approach and clear standard which they are going to follow. It confirms the CEO’s plans, though it might not mean a cut and dry affirmation that an electric car is being developed.

There are gossips that the automaker wants to add a completely electric car to its range. It will probably be the Panamera Junior or Pajun. Having in mind that it is part of the Volkswagen Group and the fact that VW and Audi have been using hydrogen-cell cars, it is possible to expect one from Porsche.

The luxury GT variant which is targeted at the Ferrari 448GTB and a gossiped more advanced Lamborghini Huracan variant will be probably become the seventh offering. The model will be equipped with a mid- or rear-installed flat-eight engine. The vehicle will be placed above the 911 Turbo S. The offering is likely to be presented in three years. It will benefit from four-wheel drive and power more than 600 hp.